Grocery Store Trips

There are two types of grocery shoppers and my husband and I are those two different types.

Your first type is a browser. They stop in front of the apples, debating over which brand is the best. Once that decision is made, they begin the search for the most perfect apple. Afterwards, they take their cart and begin to weave in and out of the aisles, stopping every once in awhile to decide among the many brands again. Halfway through the aisles in the store, they realize they might want something that they came across earlier on in the trip so decide to circulate back to the produce section. They want to try new things. Everything tempts them and those samples get them every time. Some might call them patient. Some might call them indecisive.

Your second type is a getter. They are sitting in the car, reviewing the list of needed items verbally for reassurance. They begin mentally mapping out their route while walking through the sliding doors. They get excited as soon as they grab a cart and they’re off. Literally, off in one direction. They leave their cart in the aisle to claim their ground. They cannot stand to have their cart slow them down or affect their ability to make their way through the store. Leaving their cart, they begin grabbing items and filling their arms. They have balance and great coordination. Their items are carelessly thrown into the cart. Some might call them efficient. Some might call them impatient.

Now what happens when those two different types try to shop for groceries together? Stress and teasing, but a lot of laughing.


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