Warmth of the Weather

As I step out into the sunlight and smell the fresh air that has a cold crisp scent to it, I think of what exciting adventures are around the corner. I also think of all the memories that took place during this time.

We finish taking pictures after Easter mass and we’re itching to get out of our nice clothes. We are granted permission to leave and we all run upstairs to change. We throw on play clothes and are immediately back in the front yard, attempting to stand still.  All the adults are still in their fancy clothes, but they’re just as excited as we are. My dad comes out with his own bag of Easter eggs with a suspicious look on his face. “Okay, I’m going to need you all inside.”, he says. We all sprint indoors and give him all of the space he needs because we know what he’s going to do. None of us dare to look because it would take the fun out of everything and we all know my older brother is on the lookout like a hawk.  We patiently sit in the living room trying to focus our attention on the television, but we’re waiting for our call outside. The doorbell rings and we run outside. My cousin takes one step towards an egg and I pull her back. “We can’t!” I exclaim.  We stand in line listening to my dad’s rules and regulations. After he gives us the go sign we are off. I leave my cousins that I love so much and sprint towards the side of the house. I pick one egg up. It feels awfully light, so I crack it open. I see green cash rolled up. I run back to the front. “THEY’RE FILLED WITH MONEY THIS YEAR!!” My cousins freeze and crack one of their own up. We all begin to scream and the hunt is back on. 

I remember every year around Easter time because it’s such a special time for my family to get together. They would always visit us in Iowa and we’d hold the traditional Easter egg hunt. This was the first year we started getting money and it was such a game changing event. Every year since then, my dad would add something else to mix it up and even as adults we still have our own hunt. I love these memories I have with my cousins and family and this spring time is just making me itch. I can’t wait until Easter!


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