My Morning Friend

You wake up at the breaking dawn, slowly making your presence known. I step away for a moment, leaving you in a cold empty kitchen. The lights still sleep, but you begin to crescendo. I return shortly to check on you and see that you have awoken. You open, leaving remains of those before me. Your remains are still valuable, yet tossed. So much, just tossed away. I take my time trying to choose the best fit for you this morning. I graze my finger across the foil lids. I make my choice. You always treat me well and serve me when I’m at my worst. You begin gurgling and I let you be. The steam rises into the air and the smell fills my nostrils. I take a deep inhale to begin my day. I thank you for helping me make sure I start my day off right and I treasure the moments we spend together in the early hours of the morning.

I was inspired my friend and amazing colleague, Katie Muhtaris. She created the collaborative google doc that was posted on today’s classroom challenge page and is a genius! I love seeing the different techniques and ideas that her and my other amazing colleague come up with. Not only is it a great resource for students, but all writer’s can find inspiration from it and that is exactly what I did. 


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