Tucked Away


I sit, perched up high above with a view that others would kill for. Corner view of the whole place, but that is not how I’m feeling. I’m isolated, lonely, and ignored. I’m tucked away, my leaves pushed inwards. For some reason, I’m so low and the tips of my arms are resting against the top of the cabinet. What are they doing placing me here? Don’t they know anything about nurturing and caring for others? The window is a tease. It is so close to me, yet no sunlight reaches me. I yearn for the warmth and energy and begin to shrivel. It starts in my arms and moves upwards. My color is beginning to look heavy and weigh down towards the earth. Why couldn’t I be placed in the hands of a green thumb? I would love the company of others with an open concept. I can see it already. Spot on the window sill looking out towards the street observing the beauty outdoors. Until then, I’ll hold on and do as much as I possibly can in this dark corner. I just hope I’m noticed and bring some brightness into this kitchen of theirs.


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