Girl Power

SOL Day 3: March 3rd

Growing up, I was a major tomboy. I loved playing outside in the dirt, was convinced that I could do anything the boys could do, and loved playing sports. This, of course, led to me being injured all of the time. It was never a family vacation until I got hurt, it was never a good soccer game unless I had multiple bruises, and my friends wouldn’t have had as many laughs at my expense as my silly and frequent injuries afforded them.

Surprisingly, throughout all of my injuries I have never broken a major bone or had a serious injury that requires rehabilitation. Foolishly, I was sharing this with a friend last night before my soccer game and I almost jinxed myself. Of course, there I was sprinting towards a man who stood at about 6ft 2in. and had no intention in slowing down. Next thing I know I’m in pain rolling around the turf, squirming like a snake. I ignore everyone around me and try to handle things on my own. I had multiple guys swarm around me trying to make sure everything was okay and calm me down, but I demanded that they stay back. After I had relaxed and took a solid 5 minutes of breathing, they continued to make sure I was okay. They insisted on moving my ankle every which way, offered me ice, and attempted to carry me. Over my dead body is what I thought. I’ve heard from most people that are around me on a daily basis that I’m “too nice” or “too sweet”, but in this specific moment I was anything but sweet. I whined like a teenager and insisted that I was FINE. I rolled my eyes every time they offered me something and I made every sarcastic remark I could. If there is one thing that still bothers me, it is when the boys don’t think I can ‘hang’ with them or keep up. After they forced me to sit out, I made the decision to let myself back on…only after the guy who collided with me asked, “Are you okay, sweetie?”.

Today was a little more difficult going up and down the stairs at work and I had to wear shoes that were a little bit loose, but I think I was being a bit too optimistic because now it’s beginning to swell. I guess it’s okay for me to admit that maybe I am a little injured and it does actually hurt. Just don’t tell the guys…


One comment

  1. aruddteacher100 · March 4, 2015

    Hoping you’re feeling better soon. #likeagirl is never easy but it sounds like you were hanging tough! Take care of yourself and stay off of that foot!


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